Best Construction Software for Subontractors

Not something designed for GCs or other construction services. But, something with field-access project management capabilities for the Subcontractor.


eSUB cloud-based project management was something the field workers really needed.
It provided the team with crucial capabilities:

  • Field Based Project Management - to eliminate technical and communication hurdles. Enabling field workers to get work done while in the field while keeping the office in the loop.
  • Change Orders and RFI Management - to replace antiquated manual processes with real-time information sharing to increase accuracy and build trust with General Contractors, Owners and Architects.
  • Daily Reports that are easy to create and consistent - to eliminate the manual and cumbersome steps to report to large million/billion dollar General Contractors.
  • Seamless Payroll & Cost data collection during the entire project lifecycle.

    What used to take a week, now takes minutes and while eliminating errors from duplicate entry.


    Field Foreman now have a real-time global view of their projects on a daily basis and can respond to immediate issues relating to budgets, Change Orders, timelines, tasks, personnel, and scope of work activities. All project data is right at their fingertips and all costing and time card data is entered on the spot, so the office doesn’t have to re-enter the data in QuickBooks Accounting. South Bay was able to increase profitability on each Change Order and minimize delays. GC’s and other third-party partners are now confident that South Bay Framing’s Reports, Change Orders, RFI’s, and Daily Reports are accurate because of the system in place and it’s powerful feature set. Workers in the field were up and running in a matter of days.
    They were encouraged to make real-time decisions while onsite because they had real time confirmation on crucial project documents. Having a cloud-based system with all documentation hosted in a single place provides South Bay Framing a crucial security blanket for historical purposes. In this day of construction defect litigation, we will have access to all our documents, project files, and reports for years to come,” said Mr. Dague.

    Field Works Mobile App drives better project delivery processes and business results.