Best Construction Software for Subcontractors

The accounting team at Carter Construction spends countless hours each week manually entering project cost and accounting data. They are also buried in paperwork reconciling daily reports from the field. When their reports are finally complete they are relieved, but then they notice they missed a few change orders that got lost in the shuffle! Now they need to go back to the General Contractor with additional invoices and a law suit occurs to get paid.


After years of frustration from similar scenarios, Carter Construction needs a solution that would “digitize their back office” as well as connect it to the field. Carter Construction then discovered eSUB. eSUB is a construction software platform that utilizes cloud technology to seamlessly connect field and office. Workers in the field now submit Daily Reports, Change orders, RFIs, and Time Cards using their phones. This real time information is securely stored on the cloud allowing access from any location at all times. Project accountants can export approved time cards from eSUB and import them directly into their accounting system.


This saves them hours of manual data processing and eliminates the potential for human error. Job costing details are updated as they are recorded from the field. The accounting team can now track crew efficiency levels on all projects in real time. Digitize your back office today with eSUB Construction Software.

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