Value Based Training - Program

Session Itinerary

Session 1: eSUB Academy Roadshow Keynote

Session 2: Getting Started: eSUB Fundamentals

Want to get your team experiencing the value of eSUB quickly? We will take you on a tour exploring the basics of eSUB and show you how easy it is to get started on the path towards project management success.

Session 3: Connecting the office and the field

Save minutes—maybe even hours—in your day with eSUB Field Works mobile app. We will take our smartphones and tablets to the field and cover tips on Field Notes, Daily Reports, Project Files, and RFI logs to show how eSUB makes documenting and updating project data from the field quick and easy.

Session 4: Increasing Labor efficiency

Labor is the largest cost in your project. So, let us deep dive into Daily Reports, Unit Tracking, and Percentage of Efficiency reports to increase labor efficiency and, most importantly, protect your profits.

Session 5: Avoid Claims: Establish documentation best practices

You don’t get paid for the work you do, you get paid for the work you document! We will explore how your team can establish best practices with documentation of RFIs, Change Orders, Field Notes, Daily Reports, Submittals and more.

Session 6: Cloud Storage: Managing your files

How much time does your team waste searching for lost documents or emails? This session will cover eSUB’s two-way email integration and project file folder so all information will be available to everyone regardless of their location.