Full Job Cycle Webinar

Webinar Summary:

Contractors struggle with the hand-over process from estimating to project management. This is an important step to bring project management up to speed on details of the project drawings, specifications and correspondence that brought them to the price submitted.
However the hand back from project management to estimating is widely over looked. Each company performs differently than other companies and understanding "what they perform well at" and "what they do not" is a critical step to ensure greater consistency and accuracy in their bidding process and overall profitability and growth of their business in the long run.

In this Session you'll learn:

  • How to Track projects with measurable, meaningful information.
  • Establishing better communication between estimating and project management.
  • How job costing can create more consistently and accuracy in estimating.
  • How full-cycle job costing can complete the communication loop between estimating and project management.
  • Establishing best practices to improve a contractors growth and profits.


About the Presenter:


Senior Solutions Engineer
Ed brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in helping electrical and low voltage construction clients improve their workflow efficiency from estimating through construction completion.
Coffin is also an experienced electrician, foreman, estimator, project manager, and has worked as a software implementation and training expert for thousands of Subcontractors for decades.
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