Webinar Summary:

Today, dozens of innovative companies are reshaping and transforming traditional Engineering and Construction business models by learning and adopting new manufacturing and prefabrication techniques. Their goals: Work smarter, faster and safer.
This “silent movement” is happening in pockets across the country, in different market sectors and across a range of project types and sizes. When a contractor is looking to invest in prefabrication they need to adopt a different mindset, they need to adapt the mindset of a manufacturer.

About the Presenter:


As a principal with FMI, Ethan has worked with both general and self-performing contractors helping them to develop a strong understanding of the financial risks and rewards inherent to operational issues.

Prior to joining FMI, Ethan spent many years working jobs as a carpenter, foreman, superintendent and project manager. During this time, Ethan personally managed projects ranging from minor remodels to large land development projects. As a prior service United States Marine, Ethan was a heavy equipment operator and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Ethan’s trade knowledge and management experience help to identify problems and offer meaningful solutions.

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