eSUB is THE Field Data Collection & Labor Productivity Tool for Trade Contractors that can be implemented on a single project and expanded to the enterprise. We understand the challenges and effects of Change, so we offer quick start implementations to ease the migration. Large trade contractors such as XYZ, XXX, XXX, XX, Xx rely on eSUB to get the job done.

The capabilities eSUB provides large Trade Contractors begin with our experience and 30-year history of protecting subs, so eSUB is designed for subcontractors.


Enterprise Trade Contractors

  • Open APIs to eliminate data siloes between design, accounting and operations and leverage powerful eSUB data for real-time decision-making;
  • Proactively manage projects with un-paralleled jobsite visibility and document control;
  • Ease of use; Real-time information in the field to reduce costly mistakes and re-work;
  • API Integration with Accounting programs to maintain data integrity while reducing manual entry in the back-office
  • Eliminate fragmented point solutions – eSUB is a collection of point solutions with a back-end home
  • Closing the loop between the field and operations to deliver better and more accurate models and estimates for future construction