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Profit fade is the gradual reduction in the gross profit of a project. It can occur when unanticipated costs, delays and other obstacles shrink profits over the course of a project. It’s a common problem for construction companies, as described by the industry publication Construction World: "Profit fades are common among construction companies because of the dynamic nature of the industry, with projects that are extremely time consuming and complex."

Causes of profit fade are numerous but fall into two categories: hindered and unhindered. Both can be eliminated with eSUB CLOUD project and field management software.


Hindered profit fade occurs when things outside of your control impede your ability to perform the work you estimated. If you do not promptly document these conditions and submit daily reports and change orders, you may find yourself struggling to collect payments for excess work and materials.

With the Field Works Mobile App and its document management capability, eSUB CLOUD makes it easy to document everything on a job with photos, videos and notes, so you can process and track more RFIs, avoid rework caused by others (free work), and submit more change orders.

Additionally, you can ensure you fully understand your project performance in unhindered conditions, allowing you to know your measured mile [link], which can enable you to recoup some or all hindered profit fade if you should find yourself in a dispute.


Causes of unhindered profit fade include:

• Underbidding projects because real project costs aren't known
• Poor worker performance and productivity
• Unpredictable weather conditions
• Site accessibility issues
• Any other cost that isn’t the result of external forces

eSUB CLOUD helps you eliminate unhindered profit fade by:

• Empowering you to know your real costs on every project so you can bid future jobs with confidence
• Capturing employee time with the eSUB Time module
• Tracking changes in materials prices
• Enabling you to manage resources to plan for new conditions
• Being prepared for the unexpected

How eSUB Eliminates Profit Fade

Built for subcontractors, eSUB CLOUD gives you access to the most accurate project status, field conditions, labor productivity, job cost progress, and project changes to ensure optimal insight and confidence. This streamlines your work, which satisfies GCs and property owners, increases your profitability on each job, and strengthens your ability to win more projects.

To learn more about eSUB CLOUD, share your project management challenges with us and we will provide you with a personalized demo so you can start to see how we can eliminate your profit fade and other project challenges.

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