RFI Construction software

Stop using Excel and Word for RFIs.

Standardize processes to save $10,000+ on wasted time from each RFI.

Requests for Information

eSUB’s RFI tool allows for two way communication with receiving party for fast turnaround of RFIs and flags for late responses. Templates are customizable to comply with GC standards. Report problems impacting field progress, activities affected, drawings, details, clarification requested; upload multiple attachments to RFIs.

Automatically organize RFIs

Close RFIs by email

Completely searchable database of every RFI

Get Your RFI’s Approved Faster

Implementing a cloud-based software into your communication system allows for a cut of response time and faster approval of RFI’s. eSUB’s RFI management module works by connecting everyone remotely while automatically tracking all activities relating to your RFI. This ensures that every party is alerted of the status and that every RFI is reviewed and received quicker which speeds up productivity.

Move from Field Notes to RFI’s in Minutes

eSUB is the complete document management solution for project management which allows contractors to access and create RFI’s without a headache. With eSUB, contractors can transition from simple field notes to complete RFI’s faster and easier. Since RFI’s typically start out as field notes, they can be sent to the office instantly and be transformed into RFI”s with ease. Workers in the field create field notes first by taking a photo of what is causing the issue. Next, they add a description of the picture and submit the file to eSUB where the office can access it. Managers can then view the field note and rapidly create an RFI in minutes. Since communication between the office and the field is real-time with eSUB, you will be able to complete the whole RFI process with a few clicks of the mouse.

Keep Track of RFI’s

eSUB’s cloud-based software eliminates paper documents and ensures that all RFI’s are organized and stored safely. Because of this, RFI’s will not be lost amongst other documents and will be reviewed and found quickly by the general contractor, architect or engineer. eSUB’s system sorts RFI’s in a manner that shows which RFIs have not been read, which reduces the chance of not getting a response. Also, users can view the status of each RFI over the course of the project, giving subcontractors real-time updates, which gives them confidence and security in completing the project. Since RFI’s are stored electronically, they will be automatically stored according to the job number, and more specifically, the drawing detail or full set of plans.

Keep Everyone Involved

When it comes to RFI’s, clear communication is crucial. It is critical that both parties involved know what is asked and what is expected from the RFI. Using a cloud-based software keeps everyone connected and involved by allowing everyone to communicate instantly on a centralized platform which keeps track of all electronic communications. It allows managers, workers, and anyone receiving the RFI to interact and work together to find solutions to problems in the field quickly. eSUB institutes better communication than traditional methods because all conversation is categorized and stored according to the RFI. This allows for more precise and efficient RFI’s, and better documentation for referral in case something goes wrong.

Use a Common Customizable RFI Template

eSUB’s customizable templates allow contractors to create RFI’s that fit their particular business best. Once an RFI template is created, it will be standardized so that managers have a central repository for all RFI’s. The templates are straightforward and abide by GC and legal standards. Using a single template for RFI’s makes things easier for both parties. The creators of the RFI can file them quicker, while the receivers of the RFI can interpret them faster. eSUB templates ensure that each RFI addresses one clear issue which makes things easier for the company receiving the RFI. Our templates also make it possible for multiple attachments to be included, such as details and drawings, so office members can quickly reference the RFI.

Documents with supporting information.

Attach any type of electronic document directly to your RFIs. Be confident that the supporting data is there to back your reports.

No more lost documents.

eSUB RFI software automatically dates and time-stamps RFIs upon creation. Late RFIs will send out alerts, so the right people are aware right away.

Software purpose-built for subcontractors.

“Implementing the eSUB platform has helped tremendously with the office to field operations.”

Dan Tagliaferri, Project Manager

“The customer service is spot on, couldn’t be better. Highly recommend this software for all subcontractors.”

Christopher Gray, Project Manager

“There are fundamental differences between eSUB and other general contractor-based solutions. Every feature and workflow in the GC Solution has to be adapted for us – the subcontractor.”

Meyer Sarshalom, Vice President

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