Structural steel contractors take on the responsibility to fabricate, assemble, and erect steel structures that are structurally sound and safe. When managing the construction operations of the project, the performance of steel contractors directly impacts the project’s overall schedule. Poor execution can negatively affect a steel contractor’s profits on the project. It can also damage the steel contractor’s relationship with the customer. A bad reputation for a steel contractor ruins your reputation and the ability to win future work.
Construction project management software enables steel contractors to effectively manage project deliverables, timelines, and costs to complete the job within schedule and on budget. Ultimately, this helps to win more work and grow your steel contractor business.

Documentation made easy

Many steel contractors track project documentation through various Excel logs and manage the communication process through emails. This runs the risk of documentation that is misplaced or not updated and communication that solely exist in an individual’s email inbox. Using this manual paperwork process, how long does it usually take for the Project Coordinator to find the approved RFI?
Construction project management software removes manual processes in document control to create, log, store, and search for documents easily. Everything is stored in one centralized repository and indexed for quick searching. No more time wasted in searching files and inboxes for document status updates and approvals.

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"eSub provides a great cloud-based solution that meets all of our project management and project tracking needs. As a subcontractor, it was nice to finally find a software solution that is tailored to the needs of subs and our work flow."


Field-focused to streamline communication

When a project’s profits are made in the field, isn’t it critical to understand what is going on at the job site? Many field supervisors spend a lot of time sending texts and making phone calls to resolve job site issues. Time is wasted on back and forth communication or waiting for information.
Empowering field supervisors with a mobile app to connect directly with the team in the office can streamline this process. The field supervisor can take a field note and enter the keyword “purchase order” or “RFI” to initiate documentation by the office. This allows the field supervisor to focus on the activities at the job site and the office team to manage documentation processes.

Change Order Management to Expedite the Approval Process

Construction documentation is not confrontation; it’s information. eSUB facilitates thorough and detailed documentation in a manner that is intuitive and easy for users. Field supervisors utilize the mobile app’s talk-to-text features to document job site issues in great detail. Project managers can generate standardized corporate change orders and attach backup documentation, whether its photos, plan markups, daily reports, to paint a complete picture of the change notice. The more detailed and thorough the documentation that a steel contractor can deliver, the more likely their change order will be approved. And approved quickly.