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Your project accounting needs are unique and different from those in project management. eSUB recognizes the importance of independence in the management of the accounting function. By utilizing integrated accounting software for construction companies, eSUB helps the project accountant manage the accounting aspects of a project while enabling the entire project team to come together and work cohesively in one project management solution.

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The Same Project Platform

As an integrated administrative and managerial process, eSUB’s project management solution helps the project accountant execute projects in an efficient, timely, and cost effective manner. While the technical team aims to improve execution efficiency, the project accountant is able to use the integrated accounting solution to ensure that projects stay within budget. By using eSUB and its accounting integration, the project account can use his or her company’s existing ERP system. The accountant can also receive time cards and purchase orders directly into the accounting platform. Because eSUB’s solution is an all-inclusive platform, every department working on the project can be connected in real time. The accountant is able to work in a more collaborative manner with cross-functional teams without altering existing practices and processes.

Stay In Charge

eSUB ensures complete control on the sensitive data from your finance office. The flexibility enables the accountant to decide what should be shared and with whom. When necessary, the project team can extract selected accounting and financial information for effective management of the project, and the accountant will still be up to date on all decisions that are made. Additionally, with eSUB’s platform, the project accountant can source other project data from the overall project management software to perform accurate and timely accounting for the project as a whole. Having a well-integrated system helps reduce or eliminate any carryover, duplicate data entry, and accounting mistakes. Additionally, having an integrated project management solution reduces confusion about change orders, payroll, purchase orders, and invoices.

Better Budget Management

With the quality data captured on a real time basis, the project accountant and his cross-functional project teammates can use the information for effective project management to control budget and more. The eSUB accounting integration helps control the project budget by raising early alerts on a real time basis with the complete drill-down of data in an integrated facility. This improves the decision making process in terms of quality and time that in turn, allows the accountant to maintain the project bottom-line. The project accountant can source information accurately and can share information with the project team at any time for effective decision making in the field.

You Stand Benefitted

eSUB allows you to reap larger benefits compared to any other construction management software for subcontractors.


As a project accountant with eSUB, you will be able to:

  • Automatically push and pull job costing data between eSUB and your accounting software
  • Avoid erroneous data entry
  • Always keeps financial data secured
  • Retrieve data anywhere and everywhere in real time
  • Enhance communication between the project accountant and your project management team