The Drywall Contractor's Project Management Software

We founded eSUB on the principle that “one size doesn't fit all”, especially when it comes to construction software. As former Construction Consultants, eSUB represents thousands of Specialty Contractors; of all trades and we know that your needs are diverse. That’s why we designed a complete project management software solution that’s designed specifically to address your needs, not those of GCs and Owners. With our cloud based software Specialty Contractors access the very best project management tools for their businesses including: time card management, document control cost management and bid tracking. One centralized web portal allows you to manage paperless projects with access to all documents, emails, and attachments. eSUB maximizes internal efficiencies and keeps everyone on the same page so that there are no surprises and nothing slips through the cracks.

Say Goodbye to "Old School" Project Management

Labor intensive contractors don’t need a system that was written for General Contractors, who function to coordinate labor and not perform it. A watered down version of project management software written for GCs does not address specialty contractors unique project management needs. Now, with eSUB’s cloud based solution combined with mobile devices, field personnel can easily participate in this process and link the field directly to the office. No more working in silos and surprises that come to light only when it’s too late to do anything about it. Specialty contractors can now pro-actively change the course and profits on your projects, instead of just crunching the numbers after the fact.


Time is Money

Let’s face it, now more than ever, Specialty Contractors don’t get paid for the work we DO, we get paid for the work that we DOCUMENT. eSUB automates outdated and error prone manual systems in Word, Excel and Outlook with automated, easy to use, construction management software. We work with every Specialty Contractor’s team individually; to create permission based access that customizes your Users’ experience based on roles that you establish in your company. On the software side we tailor eSUB’s back end to establish a workflow that works in line with how you do things now. We’ll help to establish processes that compliment your existing software to streamline business flow, not just create more work. We believe that double and triple entry, into multiple systems, does not produce better efficiency and our implementation experts help to create a process driven workflow for our clients that saves them time and money.



Best Drywall Project Management Software.

Drywall Project Management software

"eSUB's project management software has changed the way we do business. We had been using over complicated excel spreadsheets for years, when my computer crashed all of my data was lost. It was then I knew we needed to switch to a cloud based solution. From the first day eSUB training and support has been top notch. I recommend this to all Subcontractors and GC's."


Say Hello to Cloud Based Project Management

With eSUB any Specialty Contractor can manage projects from any device including: iPad, Laptop, PC, Smartphone, Tablet or Netbook. eSUB is a completely cross browser compatible and device agnostic. Hooked on Android? Go for it. Loyal to Apple? No problem. Fifty fifty? You can use any combination of devices and browsers in our easy to use, document control solution. eSUB creates an archive of all project documents and provides supporting documentation on demand. That means six months from now Specialty Contractors aren’t searching for critical documents in order to negotiate payment and protect profits. With eSUB, you have cost predictability since we’ll maintain the software and monitor security and back-ups; essentially acting as our customer’s personal IT staff to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your project information. We also know that construction management software, no matter how powerful, is only as good as the people who are using it, so you won’t be hit yearly with additional support and upgrade costs.


Designed by Specialty Contractors for Specialty Contractors

Our Users drive eSUB’s enhancements. You’re the ones in the trenches every day, and you know better than anyone what you need. Unlike other software companies who sell you an expensive package upfront and then send you overseas on hold waiting for support, we value the experiences, and suggestions of our Users. That’s why there’s never an additional charge for support, education or enhancements. Our Users are the driving force to ensure we stay on top of the competition with more modules, better applications and streamlined procedures. As thanks, we release enhancements based on your suggestions every month at no additional cost. With eSUB, Specialty Contractors create, log, track and store every email, attachment, detail and document related to your project including Daily Reports and Timecards, Submittals, RFIs, Change Orders, Drawings, Milestones, Purchase Orders, Pay Applications, Correspondence, Photos, Meeting Minutes and Punch Lists in one central location. Eliminate file folders, 3 ring binders and stacks of papers for good with eSUB’s paperless, green projects that you can manage from anywhere, anytime, any device.