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Concrete and masonry contractors set the tone (in addition to the foundation) for commercial construction projects. From site prep to finishing, timely delivery and quality are critical. But what do you do when another trade’s equipment blocks accessibility for your ready-mix trucks on pour day, or your crews arrive the next day to find their work damaged? Those job site issues can result in significant delays that can cost you additional time and money. How do you document those issues to mitigate your risk?
eSUB construction management software helps concrete contractors document work performed and capture job site issues to mitigate risk and help you get paid. eSUB makes it easy for your Field Supervisor to capture every detail of the work they are doing and share it with project managers in real-time to begin the documentation process and collaborate effectively with general contractors and customers.

Real-time labor and production tracking for concrete contractors

Capturing data is so simple through the eSUB mobile app. Field Supervisors quickly and easily capture every detail of the work they are doing. eSUB creates a digital record of crews, hours worked, tasks performed, equipment used, amount poured, and more. Data from the field is shared immediately with the office to streamline back-office operations and receive real-time job costs.
The labor and production information are immediately available to project managers to monitor and analyze production. They no longer need to wait for payroll to be processed or accounting reports for job costs. Importantly, payroll also benefits from eSUB. Payroll receives digital timecards eliminating manual entry to process timecards in minutes versus hours.


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"eSub provides a great cloud-based solution that meets all of our project management and project tracking needs. As a subcontractor, it was nice to finally find a software solution that is tailored to the needs of subs and our work flow."


Avoid communication issues with our concrete contractor management software

Recommended best practices for concrete contractors include “eSUB-ing the Job,”—taking Field Notes (photo with comments) at the beginning and end of the shift. Using the eSUB mobile app, concrete subcontractors take Field Notes at the beginning of the shift to highlight job site conditions upon arrival; while, Field Notes captured at the end of the shift verify work completed.
When uploaded to eSUB, the Field Notes are immediately shared with the office. If there are any discrepancies between the work completed for the day or damage that may have occurred after the crew has left, the Field Notes are date, time, and location stamped to serve as proof of work performed.
While the general saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words, in construction, a picture can be worth a thousand dollars. eSUB Field Notes serve as reference points for project managers and can be essential documentation to help mitigate risk and get paid for work performed.

Control your documents and track concrete projects efficiently

eSUB delivers a complete document control solution for concrete subcontractors. The concrete contractor management software standardizes and stores project documents. Project information is centralized, so everyone knows the location of any project documentation. Even emails! With eSUB’s two-way email integration, all email correspondence between any of your employees and any of your GCs will be captured and stored by the project within eSUB.
eSUB delivers a well-documented paper trail of when an RFI was emailed or when a Submittal Item approval was received. No more lost documents or time wasted searching for documents. The end result is improved communication and collaboration with general contractors or owner customers.
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Proactive project management for concrete contractors

Because employees for concrete subcontractors primarily work in the field, field-based project management tools are critical. Capturing data and activity in the field delivers radical transparency for the team in the office. When the Field Supervisors captures a Field Note, the Project Manager can immediately initiate documentation and send it to the General Contractor. The entire RFI process is completed in a few clicks and within a few minutes to save valuable time. Get RFIs completed quicker to receive approvals faster.
eSUB empowers concrete contractors to be proactive with documentation and proactive in tracking job costs to keep projects on budget and on schedule.