eSUB Time: Un-matched collaboration for the Field  eSUB Time: Un-matched collaboration for the Field

Construction Time Tracking Flexibility

Flexible Time Entry

Capture time by individual employee's smartphone or a centralized table in a kiosk mode. Switch tasks and record breaks easily.

Construction Time Tracking Punch Out Reminders

Punch Out Reminders

Employees receive a reminder if they have not punched out after a set number of work hours.


Construction Time Tracking Notifications


Receive notifications when the timecard has been approved, rejected, needs to be signed, or new comments are added.

Construction Time Tracking Timesheet Comments

Timesheet Comments

Office and field employees can communicate about timesheet discrepancies or rejections.


Construction Time Tracking View & Edit

View & Edit

View timesheets and make any necessary edits so that there are no more surprises when you get your paycheck.

Construction Time Tracking Working Offline

Works Offline

No internet? Not a problem. Employees can still record their activity in eSUB Time and the information syncs when internet connectivity resumes.


Improved productivity for the Office

No More Lost Time Cards

Time entry from the field is immediately available for review and approval.

Flexible Time Approval

Time entries can be approved or rejected individually, by employee, by project, or all at once.


Location Alerts

eSUB Time records the punch location to alert approvers if an employee is outside of location when punching in or punching out.

Direct and Indirect Costs

Employees enter time towards specific projects and cost codes.


Streamline Payroll

Minimize data entry and improve payroll accuracy by exporting eSUB Time information directly into your accounting system.

Comprehensive Labor Productivity Reports

Track labor productivity including Percent of Efficiency, Forecast Reports, and more.