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eSUB's mobile-first, cloud based construction project management software exclusively focuses on the needs of the subcontractors. By capturing data in the field to initiate activities in the office, eSUB's construction management software bridges the gap between the field and the office to deliver real-time visibility into job site activity. Get a window into what is happening in the field to proactively address issues and keep the construction process moving forward.
eSUB standardizes project management procedures so that the project manager can easily enter data, site events, labor activities, material costs, workforce information and more into a fully searchable database updated in real-time. Unlimited storage allows users to store all projects files in one place with project data accessible through role-based security levels. More importantly, every activity is logged in eSUB and two-way email integration provides for a detailed project communication timeline to mitigate risk. Project management best practices are built into our construction management software based on 30 years' experience as construction consultants working to protect your profits.

Organize Multiple Projects

Juggling multiple fast-moving projects is no easy task even for the most skilled project manager. Don’t run the risk of things slipping through the cracks. eSUB’s construction project management software allows users to create, log, email, track, and store project documentation in one centralized web-based repository. Document management in eSUB empowers everyone on the project team to know exactly where to find information and know the status of an RFI or Change Order. Project managers log in to eSUB to organize and prioritize their day – review daily reports and issues, facilitate communications with the general contractor and customers, manage resources, follow up on outstanding tasks and documents.


Because of the fragmented nature of construction, risk is constantly shifting to different stakeholders. Unfortunately, subcontractors withstand the worst of the risk. Proactive documentation in a construction management solution greatly helps to mitigate risk and hold teams accountable. Foremen and field employees utilize eSUB’s construction mobile apps to become more accountable in capturing their time, documenting their work, and completing their tasks effectively. Project Managers become more accountable through better documentation and tracking of deadlines. eSUB delivers transparency and visibility to keep your teams accountable and mitigate risk on projects.

Job Costing

Subcontractors need to track job costs at such a detailed level by systems, phases, and cost codes. Construction management solutions that are made for general contractors generally don’t track costs at that level of detail. eSUB understands how important this is to subcontractors which is why its job costing is heads above any other construction project management system in the market. Job costing allows project managers to closely track project budget more closely to make adjustments moving forward. Most importantly, estimators can utilize this information to product more accurate quotes to boost profits for full cycle job costing. Creating a work breakdown structure and job cost system in eSUB’s construction management software with ease.

Easy to Use

Project management software that is field-tested and accounting-approved! eSUB prides itself on creating an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that users can pick up quickly. Through eSUB’s easy to use mobile app, foremen capture field notes in seconds and complete daily reports in minutes. The team in the office receives the information in real-time to initiate documentation and billing activities. Project engineers, project managers, purchasing managers, and members of accounting departments all access the same secure internet company portal.
eSUB’s Accounting Integrations syncs foundational and transactional data between project management and accounting systems. Digitize project plan and field data and seamlessly share with accounting to keep entire teams on the same page and reduce duplicate entry.

Use What you Need

Implementing construction software can be overwhelming. eSUB’s construction project management software is designed as a flexible, modular system that brings together multiple construction apps into one integrated platform. Customize eSUB and turn on new modules and features when the team is ready for more. Easy-to-use and quick to implement to accelerate the value received from construction management software.

Moblie Accessibilty

Mobile and web-based construction management software have opened the door to improving productivity in the field. For the Foremen in the field or Project Managers that travel from job site to job site, eSUB delivers mobile access to enter and access project information – from any location or any device. Even when internet connectivity is not available, users can capture issues, create daily reports, and track time from the mobile app and the data syncs back to the server immediately upon connectivity.

Tracking Labor Productivity

Because labor is the biggest risk to profitability, it is important that your construction scheduling software delivers real-time labor information. eSUB’s mobile-based time tracking solution is embedded within its construction management software so that project managers and executives can manage labor costs and productivity—in real time. No longer does your operations team need to wait on payroll processing to receive labor hours. Real-time labor data helps project managers closely track actual labor versus estimates and even forecasting of hours needed based on labor efficiency.

Data Driven Insights

The problem with most construction PM software is that they deliver no more value than your traditional paper form. Sure, it is an electronic form and contributes to a paperless workflow. However, the data is NOT usable. The data captured in eSUB delivers project intelligence. For instance, when a foreman captures that amount of material installed in his daily report, eSUB pushes that data to a material summary report for a project manager or superintendent to track against the amount of material ordered.

Materials, labor hours, RFIs, and more—every data field captured in eSUB can be measured and tracked to deliver data-driven insights. Finally, a field data collection tool embedded within construction management software platform for data driven project management.

Project Planning and Reporting

From scheduling and resource management to daily reporting and RFIs (and more), the capabilities in eSUB project management software enables detailed project planning and reporting. Empowering construction professionals with valuable historical data to deliver more competitive bids, increase profitability, and win more construction business.


Best Construction Project Management Software.

Best Construction Project Management Software

"eSub provides a great cloud-based solution that meets all of our project management and project tracking needs. As a subcontractor, it was nice to finally find a software solution that is tailored to the needs of subs and our work flow."


Updates In Real Time

Once a document is created in eSUB, it's also automatically logged. No more manual updates in Excel. eSUB's logs pull information directly from the database and allow all team players to view or update status, notes or critical information on project progress with a few clicks. All logs can be converted instantly to Excel and are fully searchable.

"Great Project Management Software!"

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"This product provides a variety of features that enhance overall day to day tasks. The daily report feature provides a great communication tool between the office and field."

"Many features, Very Organized"

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"A complete project management tool. From the 1st question to the final change order."

"We use it almost exclusively for project management."

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"The cloud access to everything in real time. Sign up as soon as you can."

"Great Software with Great Support!"

5/5 Stars

"eSUB's project management software has changed the way we do business. We had been using over complicated excel spreadsheets for years, when my computer crashed all of my data was lost. It was then I knew we needed to switch to a cloud based solution. From the first day eSUB training and support has been top notch. I recommend this to all Subcontractors and GC's."

"I am using eSUB on daily basis. Very user friendly software."

4/5 Stars

"I use this software on daily basis. eSUB have changed our project management activities so much. We are now more organized and well structured, all thanks to eSUB"

"Helped get our project management team more organized and start projects better prepared."

5/5 Stars

"It allows all our project management team to see what has been done to date on a project from anywhere without having to carry a large project notebook with them."

"eSub delivers a quality product that is easy to use and meets all of our needs."

5/5 Stars

"If you are a subcontracting firm looking for project management/project tracking software, eSub provides a great solution and is a great value for the price. I'd highly recommend it."

"Project Management Solutions."

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"I really enjoy the document control and flexibility that it offers."

"A must for a finish trade!"

4/5 Stars

"The support is outstanding in the ease-of-use and training to the men in the field takes no time at all. The cloud-based use of purchase orders project management correspondence etc. has mainstreamed our business or we will never be looking for products or events again."

"Amazing software, works perfectly for our construction industry!"

5/5 Stars

"Software really works well for busy companies needing to track data. It has many functions that allow you to coordinate with subs, gcs and owners and track change orders."