Finally, something for the Field helps Metro Erectors field and office team collaborate as a single unit. All-in-One platform increases transparency and productivity across the entire organization.

For years, Metro Erectors tried using various project management software products without much success. The software was either difficult to use or had limited capabilities to provide a complete solution. Metro then discovered cloud-based eSUB Construction Software.
"Keeping track of all of the activities on both large and small scale projects is a daunting task for any construction subcontractor. Having 23 concurrent projects running smoothly with the field providing accurate reports was crucial for Metro," said John Russo, President of Metro Erectors, Inc.




• Inconsistent reporting from Field to the Office caused lost revenue; details slipping through the cracks
• The disconnect between field activities and office management
• Too many software programs that were disconnected and difficult to use
• High costs of hardware and IT Infrastructure to support multiple software systems



• Consistent reporting from Field to the Office enables faster and more accurate accounting performance
• Increased visibility reduces lost revenue and increases productivity and forecasting of all projects
• Metro Erectors sees in real time how people, projects, and the overall business is performing
• No more disconnects between the office and field - one cloud-based platform to access from any device
• Easy-to-Use, easy to adopt by the Field Staff, Project Management, Executives and Accounting


According to Mr. Russo, "Field Foreman and Project Managers leverage eSUB's all-in-one platform for daily project delivery activities and efficiently provide reports to the back office. eSUB helps remove the guesswork in business and project delivery for our clients."



eSUB was founded on the principle that "one size doesn't fit all", especially when it comes to construction software. As former Construction Consultants, eSUB represents thousands of Specialty Contractors; of all trades and eSUB knows that every business has needs that are diverse.
eSUB's cloud-based software Metro Erectors have access to the very best project management tools for their business including: time card management, document control cost management and bid tracking. One centralized portal allows them to manage paperless projects with access to all documents; emails and attachments not matter where they're working from. eSUB maximizes internal efficiencies and keeps everyone on the same page so that there are no surprises and nothing slips through the cracks.


eSUB's cloud-based project management platform offers the core technologies necessary to manage the entire project lifecycle, including:

• RFIs
• Daily Reports
• Change Orders
• Submittals/Transmittals
• Purchase Orders & Pay Applications
• Project Summaries & Pay Applications
• Correspondence

• Virtual Filing Cabinet
• Issue & Equipment Tracking
• 2-Way Email Integration
• Drawings
• Contact Management & Calendars
• Time Card Management
• Document Management


Implementation is Easy!

eSUB's cloud-based all-in-one platform is exclusively designed for subcontractors such as Metro Erectors. 'Training on the eSUB system was easy compared to similar systems and streamlines our ability to bring on the new field and office staff."




• Real-time access to project data from any Internet-connected device
• Consistent and auditable workflows and processes
• Improve field to office communications
• Reduce response times with instant notifications and alerts
• Increase efficiency and productivity of distributed teams
• Improve accountability with documentation, tracking, and record keeping
• Reduce risk, rework, and operational costs
• Increase ROI on every project


About Metro Erectors, Inc.

Since 1967, Metro has served the state of New York, NYC and the Tri-State area with its structural steel fabrication & erection services. Metro Erectors, Inc., provides its own cranes, trucking, stud welding, bending, and shearing. We are a fully automated fabrication shop with a state-of-the-art detailing department. We are fabricators and erectors specializ­ing in structural steel, miscellaneous iron, steel joist, metal deck, precast concrete plank, stairs and wall panels, metals pan stairs & ornamental iron.


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