Ground Breakers Construction Uses eSUB for Demolition, Earth Removal, and Site Utilities to help the Beverly Center to undergo $500-million renovation.

With offices in Lebec, California, Ground Breakers Construction Inc., needed a mobile, cloud-based project management and document control solution with a speedy cost-to-benefit to help the company scale for growth. The Ground Breakers team saw opportunities for operational and process improvements to reduce unintended costs and improve the quality of work. With a wide variety of services and personnel, they needed to empower field workers (and office staff) with an integrated project delivery system to address Change Orders, RFI’s, Daily Reports, Payroll and Cost data collection to speed up activities and decision making across the business.



The Challenges

• Needed consistent Daily Reports from the Field
• Management lacked visibility of what was happening on the jobsite
• Inconsistent workflows and communications between the jobsite teams and office
• Needed real-time information in one place and easily searchable


The Solution

Mobile Project Management increases efficiency and productivity. Field Foreman to Management at Ground Breakers now have a real-time 360-degree view of their projects using eSUB on a daily basis and respond to immediate issues relating to budgets, Change Orders, timelines, tasks, personnel, and scope of work activities. All project data is right at their fingertips and all costing and time card data collected at the jobsites is neatly organized and searchable in a single database.
According to Marty Siebe, Chief Operating Officer at Ground Breakers., “Field Foreman adoption has been excellent since they began using tablets to run the easy-to-use eSUB platform in their daily project delivery activities. Our staffers have very diverse backgrounds, and some are not tech savvy, but there have been no complaints about the intuitive user interface, and robust capabilities the eSUB platform provides.”
Most important, the customer service provided by their previous vendor was not sufficient even though they had a local service representative near the Ground Breakers' office. “The ‘expense-to-value’ ratio was so upside down; we couldn’t afford to do business with them anymore. I have been part of three software and information launches as an I.T. Manager with different firms. The eSUB rollout was the easiest and smoothest so far,” said Wysocki.

Scalable for the future.

The Beverly Center renovation project is one of many large-scale and long-term projects Ground Breakers is working on, so eSUB needs to scale and grow as companies grow. “The platform has many modules, and we’re continually working with eSUB’s Client Success Team to take advantage of new capabilities,” Marty said.

What made eSUB standout from the competition.

“We spent about a year researching a lot of different programs and figuring out what would suit us best and then we zeroed in on eSUB. eSUB is mobile, cloud-based, it's adaptable, it grows with you, and it's constantly changing, and those were some of the key elements that drove our final decision. eSUB’s cost to benefit made the decision pretty clear, said Mr. Siebe.
“Over time we will be able to use our historical data to help us bid better, know our strengths, and know what we need to improve. It also gives us a competitive advantage over any other subcontractor still using paper; being able to have live, up-to-the-minute data in the palm of your hand is essential, said Mr. Siebe.”

Managing projects and documents more efficiently.

“The most value we've seen from using eSUB has been the ability to access information from anywhere with an Internet connection and on any device. Being able to upload files and submit reports from our central office and tell our foreman in the field that they are now on his or her tablet is a significant benefit,” said Mr. Siebe. “Having real-time costs and labor data at our fingertips helps the Ground Breakers team make quick decisions that save time and money.”
“Our workflows and document processes have been standardized. Our communications are uniform from the field to the office. The productivity of our workers and management teams are significantly improving, and eSUB is helping Ground Breakers break new ground and change lives,” said Mr. Siebe.

About Ground Breakers Construction

We are a full-service site development company. We offer a full range of site demolition, excavating, grading, and underground utility installation. We work directly with customers as a prime contractor, and we also work for General Contractors or Construction Managers as a sub-contractor. Most of our work is construction from the ground down for commercial contractors both private and public.


• Demolition and Clearing
• Site Grading
• Sanitary Sewer, Storm Water Systems, and Water Lines
• Dry Utilities
• MSE Retaining Walls

At Ground Breakers Construction, Inc. we are working in significant and positive ways to provide the highest quality excavation and grading services to our customers.
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