• Un-balanced processes and organization for tracking Purchase Orders, Job Costing, Submittals, RFI’s, & Correspondence
• No central repository for accessing all project documentation
• No mobile application for field-to-office communications
• Limited visibility across all projects



Subcontractor designed, eSUB enhances workflows and business practices for project delivery.
EVC now has consistent workflows for Daily Reports, POs, COs, Submittals, RFIs and Drawings to enable faster and more accurate project delivery. All files are organized and accessible in the field. Also, increased visibility reduces lost revenue and increases productivity. This brought significant time savings for people and project activities. It removed any disconnects between the office and field. eSUB is easy-to-use, easy to adopt by all office and field users.
“What has helped EVC most is being able to utilize eSUB features in a single consistent project delivery format for documents and ongoing project delivery processes. Process improvements have helped production and communications leaps and bounds. GC’s and Owners know what they are receiving and quicker to respond with approvals. Internally, our staff has complete visibility of where every activity stands on projects,” said Travis Flora, Project/Safety Coordinator at Eagle’s View Construction.


Streamlining office to field operations for increased productivity

“Implementing the eSUB platform has helped tremendously with the office to field operations. Our foreman have real-time access to crucial information to help them get the project completed on time and under budget. Project Managers love having the superintendent involved in the mobile app because it cuts out all the miscommunications. You’re getting everything you need right there on the mobile app.The eSUB platform enables me to work with every department – Estimating, PM, through Accounting to do everything the same way and allows for management to easily track each project’s progression. The construction industry is extremely fast paced, so firms need a program like eSUB to help you handle projects efficiently and allow you to become more successful,” said Mr. Flora.


No more second-guessing where things sit

“We are no longer second guessing ourselves on whether or not a document was sent to the general contractor, architect, owner or supplier. We no longer have to wait for our foreman to come back to the office to get new information or submit daily reports. It makes life ten times easier and gives you the ability to take on more profitable work. The organization structure within eSUB has saved thousands of dollars in just time alone where we know where our information is at all times,” said Mr. Flora.


eSUB helps onboard new employees

“Working with all the knowledgeable employees at eSUB has been fantastic. Everybody in client success is truly top notch. Our primary support contact at eSUB has been extremely helpful in working to get me up and running since I joined EVC after they had already purchased eSUB. eSUB is designed for subcontractors, and having an easy-to-use Web-based interface and mobile application is a huge plus that gives us the ability to ensure all users (new and existing) are getting consistent and standardized training and quick to high productivity,” said Mr. Flora.




For over 20 years, Eagle’s View Construction has been working with General Contractors to provide the most useful, concise, and well-buttoned service possible. From the earliest phases of your project, EVC is uniquely positioned to provide coordination and management of your entire Structural Steel (CSI Div 5) and Rough Wood (CSI Div 6) package. Our long-established relationships with steel fabricators, deck and joist manufacturers, engineered wood products companies, and dimensional lumber suppliers give you full-scope coverage and saves any concerns about playing referee between supplies and installation on your project.
So far as we’ve been able to discern, not only are we one of the few Division 5 & 6 Subcontractors capable of doing our work this way, but we’re one of the only to have a full-time Estimator, Project & Safety Coordinator, and two full-time Project Managers; all with a combined 70+ years’ experience in Construction.


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