Save Time in the Field with These 3 Digital Tools for Subcontractors

Save Time in the Field with These 3 Digital Tools for Subcontractors

Every day, subcontractors juggle a long list of tasks, planned and unplanned – racing from one project to the next, handling GC and building owner communications, troubleshooting field issues, scheduling, change orders, RFIs, submittals, and the list goes on.


With so many demands on your time, how do you ensure nothing falls through the cracks while also devoting enough attention to scaling and growing your business?


Effective project management involves a balance of productivity and time management – and the right software and mobile apps to make it happen. Below are three specifically designed to help subcontractors stay on top of demanding workloads.


Field Notes with Image Capability


Project management software empowers subcontractors to capture, store and share field notes on the go. eSUB CLOUD offers a powerful Field Works Mobile App that includes a camera feature to snap, annotate and upload images and details directly to the cloud.


With this feature, contractors can access project data and take notes directly from the field while the details are still fresh, sharing updates in real-time with the office and other eSUB users. Once an image is uploaded, members of an eSUB team will be notified of a new file, which can be attached to any corresponding document, including change orders.


Daily Reports


Monitoring daily activity and updates is a central part of a subcontractor’s role; with the right technology, field supervisors can increase productivity and put an end to the paper chase. eSUB project management software includes a daily report module in which you can create detailed daily logs to track weather, crew mix, labor performed, accident reports, and more.


Create and send reports directly from the field with complete flexibility to customize reporting to your exact needs. You can even “talk to text” for faster transcription, copy existing reports to maintain consistent formatting, and track project details – such as equipment onsite – all within the platform.


eSUB Time

Tracking time across teams is integral to ensuring that a project stays on schedule – and within budget. With time tracking tools available directly from your phone, you can take matters into your own hands.


eSUB Time offers flexible time entry with notifications for when a timecard has been approved, rejected or requires a signature. Additionally, team members will receive punch-out reminders and direct communications – all from within the mobile application.


Reclaim Your Time with the Right Technology


A subcontractor’s job is never easy but you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to report, track and manage people and projects with the right tools and a digital platform designed specifically for construction subcontractors and project managers. eSUB CLOUD offers a blend of time and scope management tools for unmatched collaboration in the field.


With daily reporting, advanced time tracking capabilities, and accessibility from your mobile device, eSUB connects the field to the office, reducing paperwork, data entry and the risk of information gaps, profit fade, and wasted time.


You will be able to handle change orders, RFIs and submittals with ease, orchestrating the project details and deadlines with all the data and reporting you need at your fingertips:


  • Field notes
  • Equipment rental
  • Meeting minutes
  • Email integration
  • Audit log
  • Milestone data
  • Corporate management


Schedule a demo or contact us to learn more about eSUB CLOUD project management designed to keep subcontractors one step ahead.