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#PowerToTheTrades eSUB Podcast Third Episode with Chris Martinez

Our new podcast #PowerToTheTrades has been taking the construction industry by storm the last few weeks. This week, our host, Rob McKinney, speaks with an electrical contractor in Texas.


This eSUB podcast third episode features a conversation with Chris Martinez, President of Central Electric.

Central Electric is a second-generation Electrical Contracting company based in San Antonio, Texas. His father started the company in 1975, Chris took the role of President in 2005. Central Electric is a Family owned and run business primarily focused on commercial and industrial works.


Chris participates with the local IEC Chapter, and the company has been an IEC member for many years (one of the oldest members). Chris also serves as Chairman of The Board for ABC South Texas chapter.

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eSUB Podcast Third Episode Recap


Rob kicks off the podcast with Chris asking him what Power to the Trades means to him.

4:36 – 4:41
To me, it’s how can we run more efficiently in the construction world.” -Martinez


Chris explained this saying that he once heard along the lines of “today is the fastest that technology has ever changed, but by tomorrow, it will be the slowest it’s ever been.” It just shows how quickly technology has been changing and how the construction world must be ever adapting as well.




This idea of technology and adapting led Rob to ask how technology has empowered Chris’s operations.


5:50 – 6:04The number of apps we use … it’s over a dozen pieces of something that is out there that we use. It improves the communication standpoint as well accessibility to information.“-Martinez


Chris discusses all the different platforms they use that has helped them improve their operations of the company. They have a platform for safety, a program for daily reports, and eSUB for their overall project management.


7:45 – 8:00We’re finally going to get off the excel, paper, whiteboard labor-management process.” -Martinez

Chris explained that his team has started using the Labor Chart platform for managing crews in the field.”


When asked if using a handful of new technologies has benefitted their company, Chris responded by saying it has a handful of benefits indeed.


11:12-11:30I think it helps consolidate information and to get timely information into your team’s hands when they need it. Involving the field is so critical and important in some of these programs to get their buy-in. Still, I think the one element that you’ll never lose is the hope that the communication and the personal interaction is better and stronger.” -Martinez


Power the Trades


To wrap up the conversation, Rob poses the question, “what are some ways you think we can help power the trades in 2021 and continue to move forward as an industry?”


I don’t know what our competitors use, but maybe for some smaller contractors unsure of where to start, just grab one and run with it.” He advises starting that transition and trying out different platforms, and you’ll eventually find one that works well for you. You just need to start!


He continues by saying that the second way for the industry to continue to move forward is getting the field’s buy-in. He believes that some of their education, or maybe even part of a semester, should be about technology. That should be a considerable component of their education to get ready for this career in Chris’ opinion.




This was yet another excellent discussion about the use case of technology in the construction industry. As we continue to dive into the world of specialty trade contractors and how they use technology, let us know who you’d like to hear and what you’d like to hear about. Interested in being on the podcast yourself? We’d love to have you on. Apply here, and we’ll be in touch. To all the trade contractors out there reading or listening, keep up your incredible work, and thank you for building and servicing the world we live in!


Let’s continue to bring #PowerToTheTrades!


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