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NEXGEN Directional

Using eSUB Construction Software with PlanGrid, NexGen provides superior infrastructure construction and maintenance services to a variety of industries, with a particular focus on the Telecom and Oil & Gas industries.

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NEXGEN Directional is no longer in the dark when it comes to managing multi-million dollar, multi-stage builds.

Using eSUB Construction Software with PlanGrid, NexGen provides superior infrastructure construction and maintenance services to a variety of industries, with a particular focus on the Telecom and Oil & Gas industries.


The Challenge

Tony Gibson and the team at NEXGEN Directional was faced with a gap in the workflows and communication between the field and office teams. Motivated to find a highly flexible and scalable solution that would combine mobile and cloud infrastructure to eliminate the need for paper documents, reports and drawings, the team discovered eSUB and PlanGrid.


Many Solutions Considered; Two Were Different

“Before going with eSUB and PlanGrid, the underground construction firm assessed and tested numerous construction technology platforms in the market, but none were as flexible and scalable for the unique needs of our business,” said Tony Gibson, Co-Founder/Owner of NEXGEN. “Underground construction is about precise monitoring of daily production rates, remote jobsites with very different field crews with continual print redlining (“as-built” set of prints) and digital picture and video reporting on every Daily Field Report - every day.
We are building multiple residential sub-divisions upon sub-divisions with teams that are dedicated to completing our jobs on time, on-budget, and in accordance with complex client specifications.” eSUB with PlanGrid bridges collaboration between the field and the office, both within teams and their managers. With real-time information and superior mobile-cloud data collection tools in the field, NEXGEN can increase production rates while decreasing man hours and gets our invoices out faster.


Mobility Increases Productivity and Accuracy in Field

Having eSUB Construction Software’s Field Works Mobile App, NEXGEN’s Field Crews can save time and money by creating Daily Reports and reporting issues right from their iPads without leaving the jobsite. The back office receives the accurate reports with increased visibility of what is happening on every jobsite.

“We potentially have 15 crews and 30 different companies working on a single project, so we needed an easy-to-use, reliable mobile solution to roll out to users. Our field crews finish Daily Reports in minutes vs. hours with much greater accuracy.”


eSUB-PlanGrid Integration Saves Time for Adding Plans to Projects

NEXGEN Field Staff save PlanGrid snapshots to eSUB and attach drawings and annotations to eSUB Submittals and Daily Reports, to create a complete record of what happens on the jobsite. Users in the field have actionable project information right on their mobile device and no longer haul pounds of excessive paper around the jobsite, nor miss opportunities to get paid. “Redlining on printed plans is no longer necessary – everything is digital, performed on mobile devices, and all annotations are in real time for all team members to see. Since eSUB is a cloud-based system, all files and communications are tracked and easily searchable in the database,” Mr. Gibson said.



Removing the guesswork in business and project delivery.

• Increased productivity and accuracy in reporting jobsite activity
• Greater organizational controls with cloud infrastructure
• More efficient workflow between field and back office
• Increased Risk Mitigation and Construction Legal Claim Aversion


On-Going Training & Support Helps Platform Scale for NEXGEN

NEXGEN’s unique construction workflow for underground construction required Daily Reports to be customized for helping the firm drill for thousands of locations. “Having a scalable, mobile and flexible solution were key selling points when we purchased. The Training and Support team at eSUB is helping us continually learn more about the platform and optimize it for long-term use. We need a long-term solution so NEXGEN can continue its massive market growth and expansion worldwide.”
NEXGEN is taking infrastructure construction in new directions with next generation mobile and cloud-based eSUB Construction Software and PlanGrid. For more information please visit -


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