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Kabul, Afghanistan
Entire Builders& Engineering (eBe) uses eSUB to Maximize Productivity, Mobile Communications, and Cloud Technology.

When it comes to the world’s most challenging engineering design and construction projects, eBe is the go-to engineering design company for technically-innovative, award-winning results.



eBe, the leading construction and engineering firm in Afghanistan, required a scalable management solution that was easy to implement and usable by personnel with a range of skill levels in the field. “We canvased the market for a cloud-based and mobile platform that would help us close the loop on customer feedback as well as maximize field productivity on a broad range of construction projects spread across Afghanistan,” said Nikmal Abdullah, Engineering Division Director, Entire Builders& Engineering (eBe).
eBe discovered eSUB on the global internet, and after only a few training sessions watching on-demand videos, they were using project management, document control and eSUB’s mobile app provided by their new partner headquartered 7,766 miles away in San Diego, California.



eSUB’s mobile and cloud-based platform offers core features necessary to manage the entire project lifecycle, including:

• RFIs
• Daily Reports
• Change Orders
• Submittals/Transmittals
• Purchase Orders & Pay Applications
• Project Summaries & Meeting Minutes
• Correspondence

• Virtual Filing Cabinet
• Issue & Equipment Tracking
• 2-Way Email Integration
• Drawings
• Contact Management & Calendars
• Time Card Management
• Document Management

“eSUB’s timely support and responsiveness, even with the significant time difference, gave our team confidence in selecting a U.S. software as a service company to become our partner,” said Mr. Abdullah.
“It didn’t take long for our team to realize the exceptional capabilities and breadth of product features offered in eSUB. The software was very intuitive and flexible enough to meet the needs of both our users and customers,” said Mr. Abdullah.



Closing the loop on Feedback – Making real-time customer feedback actionable within the rotation of USG-Construction Managers.
Maximizing Productivity – Making Daily Reports daily and executing next day action items.
Tracking Field Project Activities – Limited access to correspondence and documents.
Standardizing Documents & Processes - Across all projects.



eSUB's mobile and cloud-based solution offers eBe the ability to align the teams so that the field, office, and
accounting staff could collaborate and access project information in real time from anywhere.
Maximizing Productivity - Software designed with best practice workflows for project delivery – “Steps that used to take days, now take only minutes for eBe.”
Daily Reports via Mobile App - Field Works Mobile App includes a native Daily Report feature that allows eBe staff to capture data quickly while in the field.
Correspondence Toolbox® - eBe now has access to all prewritten correspondence in one place with email delivery capabilities to saves hours in administrative time.
Mobile Project Management - Tracking project status and making adjustments in real-time is crucial for rotating USG-Construction Managers. eBe staff can use eSUB on any mobile device


What made Entire Builders& Engineering Select eSUB?

“eSUB’s responsiveness, service, and tech support made all of the difference. The eSUB platform was easily configured to our business model, improving processes and its features are exclusively designed for subcontractors, which is a crucial part of eBe,” said Mr. Abdullah.
eBe joins an extensive list of international clients that eSUB currently supports worldwide.


Real-Time Information Anywhere.

"When changes occur, you want that crucial information in everyone's hand to be the most current, with eSUB its
instant access to keep working," said Mr. Abdullah. “A great value we've seen from using eSUB has been the ability to access information from anywhere with an Internet connection and on any device. Being able to upload documents from our central office and tell Construction Managers in the field that they are now on their tablets is a significant
benefit. And, this process is reciprocal with Daily Reports and Field Notes.”


Better Process Management; Better Business Results.

Over time eBe will be able to use our historical data to help them bid better, know their strengths, and know what they need to improve. It also gives them gain an edge over any company still using paper; being able to have live, up-to-the-minute data in the palm of their hands is essential for managing projects more efficiently.


Return on Investment

“In Construction Management, proper recording of documents and being able to act on customer feedback in real-time saves eBe thousands of dollars in project costs (rework, change orders, labor, material, delays, and so forth),” said Mr. Abdullah.
“Having correspondence in standard formats and connected to projects in the cloud helps eBe outperform project goals to achieve excellent ratings from clients. In the end, the return on investment means millions of dollars in future awarded contracts to Entire Builders& Engineering because of their high quality and cost control reputation.”



About Entire Builders& Engineering

Entire Builders& Engineering is the country’s No. 1 choice for engineering, construction, and project management. Our diverse portfolio encompasses energy, construction, supplies, and government services. We currently have projects in dozens of locations within the country, from Herat to Badakhshan in Afghanistan No matter how challenging a project or how remote its location, chances are Entire Builders& Engineering can handle it. That’s because we bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment to every job.