Subcontractor Case Studies

Learn how contractors use eSUB to power their projects.

Use Cases

San Diego, CA, U.S.
“The beauty of eSUB is the mobile application. Our Foremen love it.”
Chardon, OH, U.S.
“eSUB is a pretty good indicator, early on, of how we’re doing. With a high level of accuracy, we can see how we are doing on each task.”
Hialeah, FL, U.S.
“There are fundamental differences between eSUB and other general contractor-based solutions. Every feature and workflow in the GC Solution has to be adapted for us – the subcontractor.”
Platteville, CO, U.S.
“eSUB replaces manual processes with digital delivery workflow (preview, submitted, approved, etc.) to keep projects on schedule and efficiently increases employee productivity by 10-25%, per week.”
Charlotte, NC, U.S.
“With everything recorded in a centralized place, it is easily accessible, and the information is there if we need to reference back to it. ”
Hauppauge, NY, U.S.
“eSUB was the best project management program and mobile app that met our needs.”

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