Jeffrey Wright, DESIGNER

Jeffrey Wright has been in the design cockpit for the past several years. Jeffrey served as an aquatic scientist in his most recent dreams, identifying and naming over thousands of undiscovered pelagic ocean animals. After a short stint in the Sub-nautical Progress Academy, he proceeded to work for a handful of privately funded aquatic companies in Southern California. From advanced development to head oceanic director he has a broad breadth of marine experience discovering untapped amphibious cave systems throughout the southern hemisphere. Jeffrey received the highest possible honors in his middle school woodworking class.


Founded in 2007, Marketo (NASDAQ: MKTO) is the leader in digital marketing software and solutions. Our company was created with a passion and a vision to build a great company – one that changes the market with technology innovation and thought leadership; one that delivers real value to our customers; one that delights our users on a daily basis with the experience of working with our software; one that creates substantial returns for our investors and employees; and one that is a special place to work at.

Marketo’s vision is rooted in the idea that both the day-to-day jobs and the strategic role of marketing and sales professionals have been disrupted by repeated waves of change over the last decade or so: the Internet and World Wide Web; Google and search marketing; e-commerce; and more recently by social media and ubiquitous mobile computing. Because marketing departments in most companies “own” these digital channels, they are the ones increasingly responsible for leading and shepherding their customer journeys. They must be in the driver’s seat. As a result, they have become more important than ever to companies’ customer acquisition success, creation of customer lifetime value, and ultimately, revenue growth.

We call this a Marketing First world. And, in this Marketing First world, Marketo exists to help marketers master the art and science of digital marketing – innovating relentlessly for them and developing the expertise and guidance they need to succeed. Marketo puts Marketing First.

Marketo is the leader in digital marketing software and solutions. Digital, social and mobile technologies have forever altered the way organizations and marketers need to interact with people. Organizations need to engage with people in order to build meaningful and personalized relationships over time, instead of talking at them. We call it engagement marketing.