tips for being healthy at work

Top Five Tips for Being Healthy at Work

Staying healthy at work should be a focus for every worker in every industry. That said, construction workers face a lot of unique challenges when it comes to both workplace safety and occupational health. Issues with health and safety often lead to losses of time and money for both the employer and the employee, and in an industry like construction, whose reputation for workplace hazards is already notable, following best practices to look after the health of workers can have an enormous impact on profits for the company, as well as an end result for the employee. Here are five tips that construction workers can use to maintain their health, while still keeping up with the high demands of their profession.


1. Beat the Heat – How to Stay Cool Working Construction

Many laborers and tradespeople work outside throughout the summer, fully exposed to the elements. Physically taxing work during the hotter times of the year can lead to sunburn, heat stroke, dehydration and other serious health problems. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to avoid these conditions. If you’re working outside in the heat, make sure you wear light, breathable clothing with sleeves to protect your body from the sun. Apply sunscreen to any exposed skin and wear a hardhat, if required, or another hat, if not, to protect your head from the sun and avoid heat stroke.


2. Up Your Energy – Hit the Gym

If you’re doing manual work all day, you may feel like you don’t need a gym membership. The fact is that many construction workers do repetitive tasks throughout the workday, lifting and carrying objects, laying brick or stone, climbing ladders, and other repetitive activities, which can create muscular imbalances that lead to long-term damage. A trainer at a gym can assess where repetitive movements have caused your muscles to tighten up or affected your range of motion, and help to correct those imbalances through a structured exercise program.


3. Healthy Meals for Hungry Workers – Keeping your Diet under Wraps

A common pitfall for construction workers is forgetting to pack a lunch and eating at restaurants too frequently while at work. Although it is relaxing to take a break at a sit-down restaurant for lunch, this habit is expensive, and the food may not always be healthy. As a construction worker, getting into the habit of bringing your lunch from home is one of the most beneficial ways to ensure that your diet isn’t negatively impacting your health. Healthy lunch ideas for construction workers are available online and you can pre-plan your meals to save time. You’ll also save plenty of money that you can spend on a stress-relieving vacation or a special gift for yourself.


tips for being healthy at work


4. Stay Thirsty, My Friends – Hydration Tips for Working in the Heat

Over 80% of adults are chronically dehydrated, and folks with manual labor jobs are some of the worst culprits when it comes to not drinking enough water. Also, most workers sweat during hard physical work which results in even more water loss. Our bodies need water to keep us cool, help us digest food and to maintain an appropriate temperature. Not only will drinking water help to cool you down on a hot day, but you’ll also feel less sluggish after lunch and have a more effective overall workday.


5. Homework – A Better Lifestyle for Better Job Safety

Remember – an excellent work-life balance is one of the major keys to sustainable living. If your lifestyle does not adequately support your work, things can feel a lot more difficult than they need to. Little things like ensuring that you get enough sleep, that you’re eating breakfast each day, that you spend time on enjoyable hobbies, and that you maintain positive relationships with important people in your life, all contribute to your overall health. When you take care of the basics, everything else quickly falls into place.


Key Takeaways

Staying healthy at work takes a little bit of planning and dedication, but has many significant benefits. It is important not to let your personal health fall by the wayside as you dedicate time to your career; often this behavior catches up with you! Following the above tips will not only make you happier and more productive, but you’ll also be much less likely to miss time at work for health-related reasons.


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