Best States for Construction Jobs

The Best States for Construction Jobs in 2017

The Best States for Construction Jobs in 2017


In the past year, the construction industry has grown rapidly despite the downfall of the housing market a few years back. The increase in demand for resident buildings around major cities in America is broadly expanding the job opportunity field for construction workers. Development of “green” building projects has also shown a major rise in the industry. Over the years the number of experienced and qualified construction workers has grown smaller; therefore the demand for employees to fill these jobs is high as the construction industry rises to meet the market demands of new infrastructure.


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From 2015 to 2016, over half of U.S. states began adding thousands of construction jobs across the country. Major metropolitan areas have opened many doors for the construction industry with new construction projects happening every day. Listed below are some of the most promising states for construction jobs in 2017.



California is one of the states that added the highest number of construction jobs in recent years, adding nearly 40,000 jobs construction jobs. Although the cost of living in California is not cheap, it has the highest population out of any other U.S. state and continues to grow as more people migrate to the sunshine state. New residential housing and infrastructure projects grow at a constant rate in California, Chinese developers are funding a large number of construction projects in Los Angeles this year. Anyone looking for a job in the construction industry should highly consider California as a top option.

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New York

In New York, the demand for construction workers is high. Meanwhile, the lack of qualified workers for construction projects has taken a toll on the construction industry. Because of this firms are offering higher pay to people experienced enough to fill the positions. In 2016, the state added 3,200 construction jobs throughout the state; bringing the job growth up 16.7%



Texas is another huge state seeing a massive incline in construction jobs with baby boomers retiring at a faster rate than millennials are replacing them. The demand for construction workers is at an all-time high in Texas. Joining the construction industry in Texas bring high job security, better salaries, and job opportunities in the main metropolitan cities such as Austin, Huston, and Baytown. Texas offers some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, averaging at 2.9%, which is very impressive for the state with the second highest population in the country. If you are looking for jobs in the construction field this year, Texas has a lot to offer.



Georgia is one of the states hurt the most from the lack of qualified construction workers.  The retirement of baby boomers has made an enormous impact on the progression of construction projects in Georgia. If you are looking for a salary increase in 2017, Georgia is the hub of opportunities. Over the course of one year alone, they added nearly 14,000 jobs in the field. Some of the top hiring positions in Georgia are commercial electricians, construction project managers, construction laborers, plumbers, and sheet metal mechanics.



Last but not least, Florida is not one to forget on the list for high-demand construction jobs this year. In one year, Florida offered 29,400 construction industry jobs. The state’s current demand is in need of project managers, anyone with project managing qualifications could benefit greatly from the high demand in metropolitan areas in Florida, including increases in salary and hourly craft position rates. Whether you are looking for a temporary or long-term construction job this year, Florida has many types of open positions in multiple major areas around the state.



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