Subcontractor Revenue Bouncing Back in Some Areas of California

Many specialty subcontractors are finally seeing a renewed interest in construction. A survey from California-McGraw Hill Dodge Analytics shows revenue for the ENR top Subcontractor firms surveyed increased by more than 40% since 2011.

Subcontractor Growth

The survey shows that subcontractors in large metropolitan areas are seeing the most growth in California.  Expanding campuses in the Bay Area and new stadiums throughout the state are helping to spur sizeable opportunities for larger subcontractors.  Some even anticipate labor shortages, with select businesses increasing apprenticeship programs.  Electrical contractors in particular saw the most growth in the past couple years.  While these urban areas are seeing improvement in the construction industry, many companies in smaller areas are still hesitant to expand.

Construction Industry Forced to Become More Efficient

Such growth is encouraging for subcontractors, and many remain optimistic but cautious.  The depression in the market caused subcontractors to make their project management processes more efficient.  Companies in many different fields have been taking advantage of advanced technology to help their businesses work harder and smarter. One example is eSUB’s cloud based construction software. eSUB makes it easy for subcontractors to create, manage, store, and access all documents, emails, costs, and deadlines in one central location- the cloud- using any device including tablets and smartphones.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Is your business set to get proactive? Has the revenue growth encouraged you to move forward, improving communication between your home office and the field by leveraging the latest in cloud based project management? If you think it’s time to standardize project management and pull more money out of every project, call us at (800) 493-3782 or start an eSUB trial today.

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