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#PowerToTheTrades eSUB Podcast Ninth Episode with Erich Litch 

On this week’s episode of the #PowerToTheTrades Podcast, our host Rob McKinney has a conversation with Erich Litch of eSUB Construction Software. 

eSUB Construction Podcast Ninth Episode Recap 

The ninth episode features Erich Litch who is the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of eSUB Construction Softwarewhich is a project management software product created for specifically for Subontractors. Erich has worked at various different software companies, some public, some private and some in Construction software, some outside of Construction software, but always software over the last over 20 years. Erich told us that “I’m just really love the software industry and that’s been with Construction companies like Viewpoint and financial technology companies like Fiserv and 2Checkout.” 

Construction Podcast
 The Meaning of #PowerToTheTrades  

Erich “When you get over the hump into the, you know, majority adoption. And that’s when you unleash the power of technology widely in an industry or across the demographic, people you should talk about, let’s say elderly folks as being laggards in terms of technology adoption. And that took a long time to really get past.” 

How can we empower the Trade Contractors in 2021? 

Erich: “So we’re not just empowering the leaders in the managers, we’re empowering the field, right? And I’m, using Salesforce automation as an example. But this applies to Construction as well. You empower the field to be more productive with automation capabilities and tools that really enhance their lives, and you significantly enhance the value of the back office personnel on the managers and leaders, and the Foreman and people on the ground with the ability to better manage and control what’s going on.” 

Wrap up 

This was another excellent discussion about the use case of technology in the construction industry, and how we can improve moving forward this year! As we continue to dive into the world of trade contractors and how they use technology, let us know who you’d like to hear and what you’d like to hear about. Interested in being on the podcast yourself?

We would love to have you join us for a chat about tech. Apply here, and we’ll be in touch.  

To all the trade contractors out there reading or listening, keep up your incredible work, and thank you for building and servicing the world we live in! 

Let’s continue to bring #PowerToTheTrades! 





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