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#PowerToTheTrades podcast Episode #26 Donny Metcalf from Nemmer Electric | eSUB Construction Software

On this week’s episode of the #PowerToTheTrades Construction Podcast, our host Rob McKinney has a conversation with Donny Metcalf from Nemmer Electric. 

eSUB Podcast Episode #26 Recap 

Episode #26 features Donny who is a project and prefabrication manager for Nemmer Electric, which is an Electrical Contractor and IEC Member based in Waco, Texas.. 

The Meaning of #PowerToTheTrades  

We discussed his thoughts about the many meanings of the word power in regards to the construction industry and specifically to Craft Workers and Trade Contractors.  

What does “Power to the Trades” mean to him?  Donny said “Well, Power to the Trades can come in lots of different forms. The cool thing, I’ve been doing this for quite some time and I’ve been unable to see how things have kind of changed and morphed as it does not just only as an electrician but as just a construction industry professional. As a whole. There’s so many things.” 

Donny: “I mean, I can remember going back to when I was an apprentice, you know, we used to roll around in the service trucks with rolls of quarters in case you had to make a phone call, you know, stop on the pay phone. You know, how things kind of changed up a bit too, you know, pagers coming up and then cell phones to where you could limited make calls to where we’re at now, where you’ve got the power of a basically a computer in your hand to be able to to look up anything at any given time.” 


How has technology has powered the operations of Contractors you have worked with?   

We discussed the impact of technology on Trade Contractors for improving company operations. Donny explained “All of the different technology really benefiting and making everyone if nothing else more efficient from everything from the managing and, or let’s take it from the beginning from being able to sort through and review the project you want to bid to move into the estimating to get the quote ready to be able to receive… it  manages it from an operations. And while it’s on, go on and then close it out when you’re all done is super impactful, making everybody just that much more efficient!” 


Wrap up 

This was another excellent discussion about the use case of technology in the construction industry, and how we can improve moving forward this year!  

To all the trade contractors out there reading or listening, keep up your incredible work, and thank you for building and servicing the world we live in! 

Let’s continue to bring #PowerToTheTrades!