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#PowerToTheTrades Episode #12: Dominic Donofrio | eSUB Construction Software 

eSUB Podcast Episode #12 Recap

Episode #12 features Dominic who is the Business Development Manager for Enertech Electric, a third generation family business. Enertech Electrical is a Electrical Contractor based in Ohio and long time leading members of the Independent Electrical Contractors of America (IEC). The company has been in business for 40 years and has over 50 industry professionals. Dominic is a technology enthusiast who was born into the business and is part of the third generation that now helps to run the company.

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The Meaning of #PowerToTheTrades Dominic “So, I think a power to the trades specifically is well. What is going to help us as trades people, as contractors increase our ability to succeed paying. So, what are those things that it’s going to make it the next job easier, the next job more efficient, the next job more cost efficient for the customer. And it being, you know, powered by eSUB software.  eSUB is definitely one of those things that help with that, you know, numerous can contact Construction technology platforms, help with that. But anything that we can do to advanced the industry forward to make our building, the methods here in… in this country stronger and more resilient.”

How has technology has powered the operations of Contractors you have worked with? 

Dominic: “What it did for us was it helped us streamline our processes and it made all the information available to everybody that needs it within our company. So, we do Construction projects and service projects all across Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. So when you have a bigger reach like that, your guys are two hours away on a job site built in the school in the middle of nowhere, Ohio, you know, they need all that information.” Dominic: “So through companies like eSUB, for example, we’ve been able too make sure all of our formen and have everything, most up to date versions of change, yours, most up to date versions of the plans and specs housed in the files portion of the ERP system, the most up to date submitted information. I mean, everything they do, their daily reports on there, they do all of their notes and everything which protects us as a Contractor.”

How can we empower the Trade Contractors in 2021?

We discussed how Contractors can better empower the craft worker with technology. At the face of work level, some technology has not made it way all the way down the work line yet. At some companies craft workers use their personal smartphones to take photos of plans for reference or document work in place.

Wrap up

This was another excellent discussion about the use case of technology in the construction industry, and how we can improve moving forward this year! As we continue to dive into the world of trade contractors and how they use technology, let us know who you’d like to hear and what you’d like to hear about. Interested in being on the podcast yourself?

To all the trade contractors out there reading or listening, keep up your incredible work, and thank you for building and servicing the world we live in! Let’s continue to bring #PowerToTheTrades!