Obama’s Presidential Library and Its Construction

It’s huge, it’s symbolic, and its location has been chosen! Obama’s presidential library will be located in Jackson Park, the site of the 1893 World’s Fair. “For the first time, a presidential center will be in the heart of an urban community,” said Obama Foundation chair Mary Nesbitt. The foundation, clearly trying to make a statement, that our efforts need to be focused on improving the urban society, rather than building more iconic structures in the same old places (i.e. NYC, Washington D.C., etc…). It is worth noting that locations in New York City, where Obama went to college, and Hawaii, where Obama was born were all passed by in an attempt to help the ongoing gentrifying effort of the area surrounding the University of Chicago, where President Obama once taught.300x300


The location itself will be located near the shores of Lake Michigan, a short walk from the University of Chicago. In a statement released by Obama’s foundation, Obama said, “Michelle and I are thrilled that the Obama Presidential Center will be developed in the heart of Chicago’s South Side, a community we call home and that means the world to us.” Additionally, the head architects, after over 140 proposals, have been selected for the project. Tod Williams and Billie Tsien will be the mastermind behind the megaproject. General contractors and subcontractors are still in the running for this build. A project of this magnitude will have TONS of moving parts, and the firms will want to keep their work documented to ensure proper payment.


Don’t Lose Money to Undocumented Work!

It is a known fact, that the larger the size of the project, the more often subs get left in the dust and lose all kinds of money because of undocumented work. While getting work done on time, and on budget, remains your clients top priority, the reality for subs means managing the immense amount of paperwork for the job at hand. Proposals, contracts, and change orders are just the start of your worries. The paperwork, more times then not, end up costing subs more time than managing the construction work itself. So, the question becomes, how can you break through these seemingly astronomical duties to make a streamlined efficient process.rks_software


While drowning in word docs, spreadsheets, and countless applications you are missing valuable revenue building opportunities. Failing to get paid because of undocumented work needs to be a thing of the pass, and project management software is the easiest way to save your firm from these undocumented conundrums.


Many large subcontractors have began research and implementation of PM software’s, and if you haven’t its about that time. The current PM revolution involves easy to implement, and affordable software for your firm. Software helps you solve some of the biggest hurdles for your company, taking away the traditional document-and-spreadsheets approach that is the inherent inefficiency facing the industry. The countless errors from manually edited forms and endless nights sifting through spreadsheets are replaced by easy to monitor reconciled documents within the software, all backed up safely onto the cloud.


The new age involves paperless record keeping, as in the case of preparing change orders on a tablet and emailing them for signature, combined with powerful integration. What this means is that the system will automatically match purchasing with bill payment, contracts and change orders with invoicing, and labor and spending data with your project management. What used to take hours or work, can now be accomplished with a few clicked.


Back To The Presidential Library

So what does this mean for library construction? The Presidential Library mega structure will be completed on time, and everyone will get paid every cent they have earned. The project is bound to be a big push in the effort to gentrify the neighboring area, and we can’t wait for the projects completion.

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