Making Life Easier at the Jobsite & Office: Mobile Subcontractor Software

Mobile construction management software is ideal for addressing common pain points for specialty contractors of all trades. No matter what you build, mobile and cloud construction management software can help you in so many ways. So, let’s get down to how this solution makes life easier at the jobsite and in the back office.

Centralization & Coordination.

Each project involves many stakeholders, and each of those participants has their list of tasks to do within the overall project. And on top of that, each member uses different ways to communicate, making things even more complicated. With mobile construction management software, all of these people and forms of communication can become centralized around each project. eSUB enables commercial subcontractors running various projects to proactively track and manage their costs, deadlines, deliverables and correspondence; resulting in operational efficiencies and improved profits. Can you imagine how much easier that makes things?

Jobsite updates become daily.

Daily reports become a manageable daily activity without having to leave the the jobsite. Gone are the days of having to drive back to the office or failing to submit a report because of distractions. Mobile construction management software allows your employees, and your partners, update project details in real time. From a mobile device, they can check off what has been completed and note what still needs to be done. Or if there are any issues, they can notify you of that right away. Whether it’s a completed task or an issue, you can be informed immediately after employees take a photo and upload it to the platform with notes for you to read. Updates and problem solving become so much easier with a construction app like Field Works Mobile App!

Single Source of Truth: Connecting with billing.

Sometimes, no matter how organized you thought your process was, billing can be an absolute mess. Maybe you have started using construction accounting software? That’s great. But how could it get even better? By using it in conjunction with mobile construction management software. Whichever team member is in charge of the accounting can use our software to quickly go through all of the numbers and documents, upload data from employees or vendors, and collect, make & request payments once your accounting software is integrated with eSUB.  Data entry is done in the field once, so the office can do what they like to do – audit and authorize versus re-enter the data (aka duplicate data entry) for countless hours each month.

Real Time Access; Real Time Communication.

Whether it’s the schedule, to-do’s or any other project details, a cloud-based and document control platform is making it possible for all stakeholders to collaborate in real time. Imagine the time savings and realize how wonderful that is? All the separate phone calls, emails, text messages can be eliminated and condensed into updates and notes within the Field Works Mobile App. The project is always moving, so when a Foreman or Project Manager needs to adjust something on the schedule, everyone will have the most up to date version, right away. Schedule mistakes and confusion = eliminated.

Managing Employees.

Depending on the size of your company, some of you may be managing a large staff. And not only does construction management software allow your employees to clock in and out on a mobile device (with GPS location attached) but the software allows you to manage all of their data better. Filtering time sheets by job code, or employee has never been easier, and you can create reports, filters, to track overtime and paid time off, and quickly export all of it to Excel if necessary.

Customer Management.

Mobile construction management software for subcontractors increases customer satisfaction. Why? Transparency! Allowing your customers to view project details (whichever details you feel necessary) without having to meet with you every time, makes things much more efficient for both of you. You can have your customer approve selections from their mobile device or computer and also let them see the project schedule. It also makes communication easier as they can leave comments and send messages to you right on the platform.

Key Takeaways:

Still aren’t sure mobile subcontractor software is something you need? Well, next time you are staring at a pile of paperwork on your desk, or you are trying to communicate across email, phone and text, think about how eSUB Construction Software would make your life a lot easier. eSUB enables subcontractors to efficiently move beyond MS Office, to a Cloud and mobile-based solution enabling real-time field updates from connected smartphones, tablets, and mobile PC users.

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