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HVAC Software – Becoming More Proactive & Improving Productivity

Communication is essential within the HVAC industry. Simple communication between the office and field technicians is able to become more efficient by automating these interactions using HVAC software. Communication automation is better for both your companies productivity and your customers. Although, the best strategy for your business depends on the current systems you have in place to communicate with your technicians. If you are behind the times, and your office manager still schedules manually, here’s 3 reasons why you should implement scheduling software:

1. HVAC Software Gets You Away from Pen and Paper

The problem with relying on Google Calendar, a whiteboard, or paper and pencil to schedule is the probably of human error, i.e. forgetting or overlooking something. This error can cause your company to lose work orders, which could have been avoided if you retained all the information in one place.

The beauty of HVAC software is the real-time relay of information, so you wont forget or miss anything when things get busy. With software, when a service call comes into the office, your office manager would pull up that customer’s information or record in the system. Then the office manager can simply create a new job, mark its priority level and job type, along with start and end times. Additionally, they have the ability to add any notes or instructions for the technician assigned to the job. After the job is saved, it can either be assigned or picked up by any tech in the field. The tech would then have access to the customer’s record, the current job details and directions to the job site on their smartphone or tablet.

2. Utilizing HVAC Software For Emergency Calls

In the day-to-day process, even when you prioritize all your techs jobs for the day, emergency calls still come through and scheduling mistakes still happen. For the office manager, when things pop up (like an emergency service call) there’s a lot of manual work that goes into reshuffling the schedule and updating techs in the field. This all happens while you are attempting to answer phones and complete 10 other tasks, which makes it easy to misplace the work order you just had in your hand, or accidently double booking a tech.

These days are over. Color-coded dispatching tools make this process simple and efficient, as HVAC scheduling software will allow you to see your techs jobs per day, for the week or month and be able to sort them according to their status, priority, the job type, any date range, by customer, and more! Additionally, jobs that aren’t scheduled on the calendar yet will even show up on the software’s dispatch board so you can add them in when they’re due or where there’s an open slot.

Easy to use drag and drop features make scheduling, rescheduling and shuffling the jobs on the board easy as well. With software, new work orders that are created are stored and attached to the customer’s record. When you go to schedule that new job, all that information moves with it digitally so you’ll never have to worry about losing another work order, invoice or proposal throughout the service and sales process.

3. Using HVAC Software to Manage All of Your Service Agreements

While focusing on the growth of your business it becomes difficult to stay on top of all your service agreements. Having a system in place to alert/remind you when your customers are due for maintenance saves you valuable dollars. It actually becomes a disservice to your customers if you don’t have a system in place for routine maintenance.

Without HVAC software, by the time your customer realizes they need you, it’s too late; something is broken. Software allows you to know your clients needs before they do. It’s your own personal crystal ball into the needs of your customers. For example, if a recall was sent out, HVAC software would allow you to run a quick report for all the customers who have had that part installed or serviced by your team, a process that would be all but impossible without software. This information allows you to become proactive rather than reactive, addressing any issues ASAP.

The open/transparent communication that’s created from using HVAC software helps your business operate more efficiently. It ensure that both field techs and officer employees to work independently, but also on the same page, which in turn allows you to become more productive and proactive for your customer.

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