Free Webinar: The In’s and Out’s of Working with the DOT

Does the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program from the Department of Transportation (DOT) seem a little complicated to you?  Besides being a mouthful, this program is extremely important to know when working with the DOT.  Issues of non-compliance can cost you big, but fortunately are also avoidable.

Construction attorney Wally Zimolong, Esq., will lead a program that will discuss best practices for contractors and subcontractors in complying with the DOT’s DBE program and how to avoiding government investigations, bid challenges, and whistleblower lawsuits related to non-compliance. Wally counsels clients throughout the nation on issues related to compliance with federal, state, and local D/M/WBE programs.

More on the Presentation

On January 13, 2014, the Department of Justice announced that two former executives of Schuylkill Products, Inc. had each been sentenced to 2 years in federal prison and forced to pay $119 million is restitution because of their role in what the FBI called the largest ever fraud involving the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) DBE Program.

In recent years, federal prosecutors and the DOT’s Inspector General have significantly stepped up enforcement of the DOT’s DBE Program and have brought several high profile cases resulting in civil penalties and jail time. Additionally, contractors who fail to understand the DOT’s DBE rules can see bids challenged and lost and be forced to defend costly whistleblower lawsuits. Moreover, contractors that operate under a State or Local DBE program are not immune to risk.

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This free presentation will take place on Thursday, July 10th at 2:30 EDT.

For an overview of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program, see this FAQ sheet from the DOT.

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