Free Webinar: Increasing Profits Through Operational Excellence

The difference between a successful project and a losing project is your ability to effectively manage labor.

For many construction companies, field labor represents the single largest controllable cost, making it the biggest potential opportunity to impact the bottom line.

eSUB is happy to have Jim Schug, Partner and Engagement Manager at FMI Management Consultants and Investment Bankers, back to present on operational excellence.  If you haven’t heard Jim speak, be sure to check out his webinar with eSUB on the 2014 Emerging Construction Trends.  On September 24th Jim will present a free webinar on how to achieve operational excellence.  In this discussion will cover:

  • Making productivity and operational excellence a strategic issue
  • The bootom-line impact of productivity
  • How to create project management process consistency
  • Leadership’s role in supporting operational excellence
Join us on Wednesday, September 24th at 1 PM (EDT) for this free presentation.

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