Forecasting 2015: U.S. Markets Construction Overview

The Power of Being Informed

Valued at $135.00, the FMI Construction Overview offers expert information for strategic development. The overview consists of three major sections:

  • Key energy market trends and their impact on the construction industry
  • Important issues facing industry sectors
  • Detailed economic forecast by industry sector

Advice From the Experts

FMI Consulting is the leading provider of management consulting, investment banking and research to the engineering and construction industry. Researchers at FMI predict 2014 will end with approximately 7 percent growth in construction put in place. This rate of growth is expected to continue with a total CPIP of $1,040 billion in 2015.

Strategic Moves

Where is your business going in 2015? Take advantage of FMI’s 2015 Overview so you can make the best and most informed decisions for your company's future.

Looking Ahead

For even more inside information and expert advice, register for our free online webinar presentation with Jim Schug, FMI Principal and Engagement Manager.  Jim will speak to the most pivotal industry trends and how your business can best prepare for the year ahead.  Join us February 18th at 1:00 PM (EST).

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