eSUB Presents: US Markets Construction Overview 2014 by FMI Consulting

Today’s construction industry is best described as one of “cautious optimism,” as contractors and subcontractors are seeing slow but steady growth. Many companies are ready to take more strategic moves, but don’t know where to start.

FMI Consulting is a leading provider of management consulting, investment banking and research to the engineering and construction industry. The 2014 Overview provides valuable insights into the complicated and ever-changing U.S. markets. These insights include which areas of research are most critical for strategic planning, how uncertainty has impacted the construction industry, and which geographic markets have the most projected growth.

With a forecast of 7% growth for 2014, the construction industry should again outpace GDP. What strategic moves will your business make in 2014? FMI’s valuable 2014 Overview can help you to make the most informed decisions for the future.

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