Construction Industry Considered Cloud-Friendly

A recent TechCrunch article by Gordon Ritter (@gordonritter) confirms something that we at eSUB have known for awhile, that the construction industry is very cloud-friendly.  While education and healthcare are considered the most cloud-friendly industries, construction was included in the second highest tier. Ritter lists eight reasons that make an industry cloud friendly, and of these, three stand out as particularly relevant to the construction industry.

How is the Construction Industry Cloud-Friendly?

Unhappy with Current Set Up

First, industries that are unhappy with their current set up are faster to look to the cloud.  We hear this a lot from potential subscribers. Some are using technology, just not to its potential, and others still record everything by hand.  In an industry where documentation is so important, many want a better option.

Mobile Workforce

Second, industries with a mobile workforce utilize the convenience of the cloud.  Your workforce has to be mobile in the construction industry.  This is a huge reason why construction companies benefit from cloud solutions as opposed to internal networks.  Many eSUB subscribers work on projects in many different cities or even states, and find it imperative to be able to have all of their information in one place.

Visual Needs

Third, industries that rely on visuals can best share this information via the cloud.  From blueprints to project updates, visuals are an integral part of the construction industry.

Future of the Cloud

As more industries are seeing the benefits of the cloud, software options are also becoming more tailored for company needs.  The cloud can help construction companies better manage numerous aspects of business, with many of these solutions integrating with one another.  We’re happy to be bringing the cloud to people everyday.  Learn more with an eSUB demo.

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