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Jason Saunders talking Operational Efficiency on Bridging the Gap Podcast 

On this week’s episode of the Bridging the Gap Podcast, our very own Jason Saunders had a great conversation with Todd Weyant about his thoughts on developing operational efficiency through the application of technology to Subcontractors. 

Jason’s Origin Story 

After Jason graduated college, he took a position with a building materials manufacturing company in the roofing space, and he was managing a territory for them. Working with trade contractors, distribution houses, and architects. From there Jason learned a lot about the Precon side of things as well as the actual construction. 

As Jason was going through that, he learned tons about how these companies were operating and what technologies they were using. And after that he really just wanted to move on to having my own shop and seeing what I can do to create some of those operational efficiencies. 

What did Jason learn from running his own company?  

So what did Jason learn from running his own company that made you look at the industry differently? 

So what it did was it showed me really how hard it is you know! Everyone in this industry is really working hard and there’s so many long days and things to keep track of.  

It taught me how important it is to have systems and processes in place to be able to run efficiently so that when people are out sick or people are out on vacation, things like that, you’re able to kind of plug and pull things and create those efficiencies so that it’s a sustainable system and less information falls through the cracks 

That’s probably the biggest thing that I took away from it, you can’t do it all yourself so having the right processes in place is crucial. 

How well are the Trade Contractors handling efficiency today? 

I think there’s a lot of companies that are doing a really good job of it and I think there’s a lot of companies out there as well that could use some restructuring of their priorities and current processes.  

But what’s also happening is they’re working a little bit harder and doing a lot of duplicate work because they’re working with multiple systems and processes and creating these data silos and finding ways to streamline that I think is something that’s really… really important and getting everyone within the organization to communicate with each other.  

So one of the biggest things I like to touch on from an operational efficiency standpoint, is just getting on the same page because there’s so many areas of the company that are operating that don’t know what’s happening from over here to over there.” 

Wrap up 

This was another excellent discussion about the use case of technology in the construction industry, and how we can to focus on improving operational efficiency. 

To listen to the interview with Jason use this link:   https://bridgingthegappod.com/episode/powering-efficiency-in-the-trades/ 

Let’s continue to bring #PowerToTheTrades! 



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