About the Event: Emerging Trends Webinar

For years before the formation of eSUB Construction Software, eSUB founders were consultants in the construction industry.  This led them to create a project management solution with a foundation on best practices.  Now eSUB returns to this consulting foundation by teaming up with a premiere consultant firm.  FMI management consultants and investment bankers is the leading expert within the construction and engineering space. eSUB is proud to partner with FMI to present the 2014 Emerging Trends Webinar.

About FMI

Founded by Dr. Emol A. Fails in 1953, FMI is the largest provider of management consulting, investment banking and research to the engineering and construction industry. FMI works in all segments of the industry providing clients with value-added business solutions, including:

• Strategic Advisory

• Market Research and Business Development

• Leadership and Talent Development

• Project and Process Improvement

• Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Consulting

• Compensation Data and Consulting

• Risk Management Consulting

Meet the Presenter

Jim Schug, principal and engagement manager with FMI, will present the webinar. With more than a decade of experience as an Army Officer, Jim led operations in complex and challenging environments. Jim earned a bachelor’s degree in quantitative economics from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a master of science in engineering management from the University of Missouri.

He refined these skills working for a national builder, repeatedly leading his teams to successfully integrate operations, sales and customer service.

Today, Jim is passionate about developing customized strategy and best-in class operations with his clients.  He applies practical experience with an in depth understanding of leading lasting behavioral change in dynamic environments. He has served in leadership positions on various local and national non-profit industry associations and is frequently invited to speak at industry events.

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