6 Construction Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities

6 Construction Project Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Construction managers, also known as construction project managers, oversee and allocate resources for various construction projects. Construction project manager duties are what guide a project to success. Projects can vary from residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to bridges and skyscrapers. Construction project managers are a part of the building process from the very beginning, working closely with engineers and architects to develop plans, establish timetables, and determine labor and material costs. They also hire and manage subcontractors and employees, gather permits, and make sure everything is up to code. The main construction project manager duties are planning, disbursing resources, managing staff, creating benchmarks, managing the budget, and communicating with staff.



The construction manager needs to ensure that all of the work is done on time and within the projected budget. You will also need to be sure that the construction project complies with all current building codes as well as any other legal or regulatory requirements. A construction project manager has to plan out every stage of the project. This is necessary for completing a project successfully. Without this step, there is no direction for a construction project. It would be very hard to start a construction project when there is no plan of action.


Planning a construction project plays a big part in construction project manager duties. Without a concrete plan of action that details what needs to be done in each stage of the construction process, workers will be lost and more time will be spent figuring out what needs to be done. In any job, having a plan to follow makes everything easier and reduces the amount of time wasted. The better a construction manager is at planning what needs to be taken care of, the smoother a construction project will go.


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Distributing Resources

Every construction project needs materials. Without materials, there can be no progress in a project. One of the construction project manager duties is to allocate resources and make sure that there are no shortages. A construction project manager must understand what materials are needed and has to make sure that there are enough to finish the job.


A construction project manager that doesn’t understand the resources that are needed to finish a project will delay a project. Delays are sometimes unavoidable, but if the delay is due to a construction project managers poor decision making it can hurt the budget and waste workers times. Being able to distribute resources will avoid such problems and make sure that the project is moving forward. Moving forward without coming across any problems would be a dream come true for any construction project manager.


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Managing Staff

Hiring and managing staff is a crucial part of construction project manager duties. As a construction project manager, you can’t do everything alone. As a result, you have to hire some reliable hands to help delegate tasks and manage construction workers. When hiring staff, you have to make sure you hire people you can rely on. That means being able to recognize capable contractors when you see them.


Creating Benchmarks

Creating benchmarks are part of construction project manager duties and are very similar to planning a construction project. Benchmarks are checkpoints that you set during the construction project to see how you are progressing. Project managers use benchmarks to determine project health. Benchmarking is crucial for a construction project manager because you need to be aware of the status and progress of your project at all times.


You need to understand the estimated time that a project will be finished, the budget for that project, and whether the project is progressing smoothly. Without benchmarks, it will be hard for a construction project manager to understand how far the project is complete and how much of the budget has been used.


Managing the Budget

You cannot start a construction project without a proper budget. One of your construction project manager duties is to manage the budget and financial plan for a project. To avoid going over your project budget, you have to continuously keep track of spending and forecast changes to the budget. You must inform your team about forecasts, keeping tabs on the budget, and being prepared for unplanned costs is the duty of a construction project manager. The more prepared you are, the fewer problems you have to worry about. The better you are at expecting the unexpected, the more smoothly your construction project will go.


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Communication is a crucial part of any job. As a manager, you can’t expect your workers to know what you want to be done without clear and concise communication. There are many construction project manager duties, but all those duties start with talking. As a project manager, you need to inform your staff of the project details and how you want to move forward with the project.


There needs to be communication between all workers for you to finish a project on time. Communication between workers is necessary, but communication between stakeholders is crucial as well. Construction project manager duties also involve communicating properly with any stakeholders about the progress of the project. Project managers and others must inform stakeholders about the progress of the project. A lack of communication with them can lead to some unnecessary problems.


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These construction project manager duties are the key to success in a construction project. A construction project manager is much like the conductor of an orchestra. They give instructions and direct fellow workers so that they can work together to create a great final product. The manager is the leader of the project, but by no means is it a job that can be done alone. Through proper teamwork, communication, budget management, resource management, and planning a project can turn out more than successful. It takes a great team mentality in the construction business to make something great, but it also takes a great manager to direct everyone towards a successful project.


Arya Hojati is a marketing intern at eSUB Construction Software. He is currently a student at San Diego State University pursuing a bachelor’s in Marketing.

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